sóphroneó créative

Branding and website design for a creative agency which has a heart for social justice and caters to clients who strive for positive change in the world.

Sóphroneó Créative is a full service creative agency across photography, film, digital and branding. It's an ethically focused business model channelling some of the profits to its sister brand Sóphroneó. I was tasked with creating a brand identity that compliments both the brand’s ethos of equality, integrity, creativity and authenticity, as well as remembering its core function of essentially, working as a portfolio, was key.

The visuals were also to sit side-by-side with Sóphroneó the womenswear label. Parallels were drawn with both brands such as the same core graphic identity with a few differences in colour palette (an optimistic, open sky blue) and introduction of illustrations with whimsical, creative edge - putting each case study in its best light.

Illustrations by Yooree Ko, website build by Daniela Tomanova.

Brand Identity
Art Direction
Website Design

branding + art direction + design for premium and conscious brands

branding + art direction + design for premium and conscious brands