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An archive of logos and brand routes.

A few more logo and identity projects I’ve loved working on over the years. 

KX Studios
Branding for a high-tech office space.

Four Farm Street,
Identity for a luxury office space.

70 Conduit Street 
Identity route for an office space in Mayfair

Identity for a fresh young schwarma restaurant. 

Branding a online directory of eco-concious products.

Bravington House
Branding a modern co-working space.

The Beekeepers pubs
Naming and branding route for Brakspear Pubs.

76 East Road
Branding a mid-century textiles workshop turned contemporary office space.

Four Grotto Passage
Identity for a Victorian school turned office space.

Bravington House
Branding a modern co-working space.

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