compass box whisky

Campaign work and social media design for a drinks brand who aims to help make the world of whisky a more interesting place.

Creating campaign look and feel across different whisky product releases such as Magic Cask, an experimental whisky blend uncovered accidentally from a finished cask,  ‘Menagerie’ which is created of many species of spirit, a wilder blend which is ‘full of life’, and lastly ‘Artist’s and Glasgow blend’, a tribute to Edinburgh and Glasgow, embodying the creative spirit of Compass Box. This also included promoting the brand’s various milestones and events, such as the core whiskies,  ahead of the 20th anniversary of their blending house.

Although distinct in styles, the various campaigns had to consistently adhere to the Compass Box core brand and work seamlessly from one campaign to the next, and designed across all social and web platforms.

All still-life photography for the Artist and Glasgow blend, and Core blend campaigns is art-directed by Cat Howard and photographed by Andy Carson. Bottle label artwork courtesy of Stranger and Stranger agency. 

Art Direction
Digital Design
Social Media Design

branding + art direction + design for premium and conscious brands

branding + art direction + design for premium and conscious brands