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Branding an online directory of eco-conscious brands looking to do good.

Care What You Wear is a platform for environmentally friendly cosmetics, clothing, homeware and household goods. Aimed to position itself as the small-scale, eco-friendly alternative to Amazon, it’s customers find their sustainable cosmetics, household products, furnishings and clothing with ease and all in one place.

Providing a clear and identifiable identity was key to incorporating as the umbrella brand on the online space of a multitude of eco-minded brands. CWYW also aims to educate consumers about why and how to buy clothes that support organic and regenerative farming, responsible production and fair labor practices, so creating an identity which can communicate this clearly was important too.

The approved design route uses the idea of pockets - they carry various things, a go-to of precious items we store and use the most often, it’s an accessible place like CWYW, a multitude of different brands held together and carried by one singular brand. The route also aims to highlight craftsmanship, (When we take the time to care about what we buy we notice the little details in things, label used on a shampoo bottle, the stitching in clothes...) - the detailing on pocket stitching is used to reflect this and as a navigational tool.

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